Google Ads og info du ikke kan dele med Google

Informasjon om kunder/pasienter innen «sensitive kategorier» kan ikke deles med Google for å optimalisere konverteringer i Google Ads.

Dette er oversiktene fra Google:

Restrictions on measurement in sensitive categories

Transactions related to sensitive categories can’t be used for measurement in enhanced conversions, store sales, or store sales (direct upload).

Sensitive categories include:

  • Interest or participation in adult activities such as gambling, sexual encounter dating, sexualized theme dating, sexual entertainment, pornography
  • Sexual behavior or orientation
  • Racial or ethnic information
  • Political affiliation
  • Trade union membership or affiliation, such as trade union membership purchases
  • Religion or religious belief, such as people’s affirmative information on religion or religious beliefs
  • Negative financial status or situation, such as information indicating that a user has a low credit rating or high debt load
  • Health or medical information, such as purchases of medical services, prescription drugs or medical devices
  • Status as a child under 13
  • The commission or alleged commission of any crime, such as information indicating that a user has a criminal record
  • Divorce or marital separation, such as transactions related to divorce counseling
  • Any other products prohibited by the Google Ads policies

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